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 About Ayala Yedgar 

  A choreographer, improviser, dancer, and teacher

I've been in the field since 1995, have an M.A. in choreography and B.A. in dance improvisation and outdoor leadership.

I create and perform in works for the stage as well as site-specific works.

I teach subject in the field of creating dance performances, based on listening to the natural movement and each person's unique dance.


I studied and explored many dance and movement techniques (Improvisation, Butoh, Contact, dance in nature, Paula technique, yoga, BMC, voice work and more). I also studied and worked with nature awareness and wilderness skills, and my dance is greatly influenced by it.  In addition, I studied a large variety of arts, holistic medicine and methods of community living.

I combined the fields, and developed my own approach, one that overlaps with many others and is unique to itself.


I'm curious about connections between the human body, the community's body, and the body of planet earth. How can we maintain healthy collaborations that are based on freedom and personal expression? And what does it feel like, to live here in this world, as human material?


I play with all those through the body, as it is the center of events, in our lives here on earth.

In dance, the body's way of free expression,

in improvisation, for the freedom to express in a new way every moment,

and in relation to our environment, since we all express together.


With time, the private body created a trail into the all-human body, and the variety of experiences translated into art that is, I believe, both very personal, and global and archetypical.

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