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Ayala Yedgar

A choreographer, improviser,  dancer and teacher, specializes in the combinations of dance-environment-community.

Creates site-specific works, as well as works for the stage.

Produces community-based art events.

M.A. in choreography - The Jerusalem academy of music and dance, Jerusalem

B.A. in dance improvisation and outdoor leadership - Prescott college, Arizona

High school majors in theater and media,

experience in singing and plastic arts. 



Choreographs and performs site-specific works as well as works for the stage. (2005-today).

Explores relationships with the audience, combines improvisation and choreography.

  • Butterfly solo (2020)

  • Matter solo (2019)  

  • Drought with Roman Koifman (2018) 

  • Strings on a Spine with Ruth Wieder-Magan, Michael Shachrur, and Guy  Sherf  (2018)

  • Matangi with Dinoor Aaronson (2018)

  • Peeping solo (2017)

  • Girl with Yael Maayan (2017)

  • Mayrig solo (2016)

  • Miriam with Michal Mechlovitch, Rotem Nitzan, Reut Rivka (2014)

  • Oshun solo (2013)

  • Black Tree With Amnon Barri, Iris Nais, Elai Alperovitch, Sharon Hilleli-Assa, Omer Tov Ezekiel, Jordi Castano Figueras. Photographer: Boaz Lanir (2011)

  • Wishing Photography: Elad Rabinovich (2010)

  • Pools with Tama Haleli-Bar. Video: Eitan Herman, editor: Tom Barkai (2007)

  • Drought solo (2005)


  • Nameless improvisation performances (2007-today) 


Teaching and facilitation

  • Improvisation, choreography, and subject development (2009-today), freelancer

  • Site-specific dance and movement in nature. (2009-today), freelancer

  • Dance theater. Character development, movement for actors. (2018-today) , freelancer

  • Movement, Technique, developing personal dance-style (2009-today)

  • Artistic process advisor  (2012-today).

  • Group facilitation through artistic processes (2017-today)

  • Lectures on dance and society. Art that build communities, Israeli Society for Dance Research, conference, 2018), movement and body in society (Naim-Bahoref festival, 2018)

  • Group facilitation through art. (2017-today), freelancer

  • Outdoor leadership in Shomrei Hagan (2008-14), Jerusalem bird observatory and Ein-Yael living museum (2000-2008)

  • Co-director of class play for high-school theater final exam (1997)


Production and organization


  • Producing community-oriented dance and art events (2002-today)

  • Part of production team in sheil-abreik festival (2019)

  • co-founder and producer of "naim-bahoref" festival  (2018)

  • site curator in "sheik abriek" festival (2018)

  • team-manager for stage-design and marketing teams, barefoot boogie events (2002-4)


Education and Training


  • M.A. dance, choreography. The Jerusalem academy for music and dance (2013-2014)

  • B.A. dance improvisation and performance (competence), outdoor leadership (breadth), liberal arts (breadth). Prescott college, Arizona (2008-10)

  • Full time student  at the School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem (2005)

  • Full time student  at Hakvutza, Jaffa (2002)

  • Courses in movement, dance and performance arts. Emphasis on somatics and improvisation. Main methods: butoh, dance improvisation, contact improvisation, paula method, yoga, voice work, and shorter experiences in other movement and somatic methods.  (1995-today)

  • Holistic medicine trainings: energetic healing (2003), Bowen therapy (2004)

  • Outdoor leadership training, Shomrei Hagan organization. Emphasis on nature observation, primitive skills, and holistic education. (2007-8)

  • Research  journeys following art and dance communities. exploring interrelations between physical expression, art, society and environment. Usa (2006), Europe ( 2015-16)

  • High school graduate. Majors: theater and media. Amit-Dror, Jerusalem (1997)

Languages: Hebrew - native, English - fluent

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